April 9, 2012

Stay Calm and Carry On

Keep calm and carry on. Write (and create) your own Keep Calm and Carry On poster. Can you make it about your condition? Then go to (http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/) and actually make an image to post to your blog.

This is another one that I don't quite get.  I went to that website and I guess I get it now, but I'm not that creative. 

So I will write about keeping calm. 

Sometimes when I feel low, I don't think I'm all that low.  Then I test my blood sugar and see where I'm at.  Then all of a sudden the world is going to end if I don't eat everything in the house.  Then after I eat everything in the house in 2.5 seconds, and check my blood sugar and it has gone down, then I feel that I have to find something else to eat.  So much for staying calm and being patient.  So, then I stuff myself again.  I still feel low.  Still eating.  Mind you, I really could have just eaten a slice of bread and been fine.  But no, I'm irrational.  The more I eat the faster my blood sugar level will go up is my thought.  So I keep eating everything in sight, not even thinking of the carb counting that I should be doing.  Then I test my blood sugar again.  100.  Sigh of relief, but I still feel low. 

Eat more. 

Test again. 



So much for staying calm!

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Natalie Smith said...

yes...I don't know how you keep calm!? stresses me out reading about this. haha