December 27, 2010

Word Verification

Is it just me or is anyone else shocked each time they go to post a comment on a blog and do the word verification and you were actually correct on the first try?  Those things just keep getting harder and harder!

Here's a little sneak preview of a future post...

December 9, 2010


I think I might exist again in January.  We'll see.

November 2, 2010

A to the B To the H

So, I was chatting with Ashlee online and we decided that the end of the year is shot.  I mean seriously, how are we expected to have any sort of desire to work when we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years coming up?  Not to mention going out of town a ton until the end of the year?!  So, I figured I would blog about something and asked Ashlee what I should blog about.  Here is our conversation:

Allison: i still have no desire to do anything at work.  the rest of the year is shot
Ashlee: amen to that
Allison: maybe i should blog. what should i blog about
Ashlee: me
Allison: ok, what should i say about you?
Ashlee: i'm awesome!
Allison: k

I figure a picture is worth a thousand words....

You really can't get more awesome than that, now can you?

October 21, 2010


 So I went to Idaho with these lovely ladies
 To see this fabulous couple get married.
 In this beautiful temple.
And realized why I didn't go to BYUI...  :)

October 20, 2010


Above is a picture from Halloween 2005...

My pumpkin from 2010.

Apparently my pumpkin carving style hasn't changed much...

October 19, 2010

Remember That Time We Stole a Car?

And drove it all around Provo and Orem?

And then suddenly KP's car looked like this...

And we all ended up looking like this....

 Oh, and I'm pretty sure we got the cops called on us. :)

October 14, 2010

Correct Answer:

is Summer's!  I will be in each of those places before the year is out (California, Colorado, Prague, Vienna, Budapest)!  Isn't life great?  :)

September 24, 2010


LOL, I enjoyed the guesses to the questions! 


1.  Purple and blue
2.  Tiger
3.  2 1/2

September 22, 2010

Three Simple Questions

This is more for my entertainment than anything else.  I'd figure I would see how well my blog reader friends know me.  Here are three simple questions:

What is my favorite color?

What is my favorite animal?

What is my favorite number? 

Simple enough, right?

Comment with your answers....try not to read anyone else's answers...

August 19, 2010

Past Couple of Months...

I have had quite a fun summer and I haven't blogged in the past month, so here is what has been happening!
Went to the rodeo with a bunch of just isn't a summer unless we attend a rodeo!  Yay for Strawberry Days!

My roommates and I went to the Manti Pageant.  I really enjoyed it...except for the really loud youth group that was sitting behind us...

I spent the Fourth of July down in Southern California with Lisa's family.  It was kinda bitter sweet since they moved up to Northern California last weekend.  I've had some great memories house and I'm going to miss all the friends and good times down there.  :( 
So, Sher and I were chillin with her dad when this branch fell off of our tree!  What the heck?  So, we decided that we would go put it in the doorway of our  neighbors...they decided to give it back!  We had a few more transfers before HOA finally took it away!

Totally needed some sun and water so we got a few people together and headed out Deer Creek!  Oh, it was so lovely to just lay out in the sun and eat!  I'm really sad that summer is coming to an end. 

My amazing roommate, Sherstin, surprised me with a frame for my diploma!  Doesn't it look amazing now?

The rest of the pictures are from the family reunion we had in Nauvoo with the Murrays.  It was a blast getting together and seeing all the cousins!  Plus, I had never been to any of these church history sites.  The above picture is at Carthage.  What a somber experience to be at the same place where the Prophet and his brother were for their last few days on earth.

The Jerrys with Aunt LaVora and Uncle Neil

We were able to do a session in the Nauvoo temple.  It was gorgeous and it was wonderful to have so many members of our family together in the temple.

Final resting spot for Joseph, Hyrum and Emma.  This is owned by the Community of Christ.

My feet in the Mississippi!

The gun shop in Old Nauvoo...probably one of my most favorite spots!  Dad and I were all but drooling!

Not sure why this picture decided to go in that direction, but oh well.  We spent a while trying to find Haun's Mill and here it was!  It was a really cool drive, even if we thought we were going to get stuck in the mud and had the wrong coordinates at first!

Adam-Ondi-Ahmen.  Need I say more?

This is where Joseph Smith said there used to be a Nephite alter.
Far West.  Crazy how there is nothing around this area!  Loved seeing each cornerstone.

Community of Christ's Temple(RLDS).  We were able to go on a tour around the temple.  Very interesting.
LOVED that Liberty Jail was inside a building.  It made it a lot easier to feel the spirit in an air conditioned building while hearing about the trials these amazing men went through.

Here we are at the Winter Quarters Visitor's center.  A cute little missionary took us on a tour and Kyra got to pull a hardcart!

Winter Quarters Temple...too bad we weren't able to do a session there!

This is where Brigham Young was ordained the second Prophet. 

We had a great time with family and seeing all these places that I've heard about for my entire life.  The pioneers were is probably a good thing I was born in the Last Days!

June 23, 2010

Camp Counselor

Time for another blast from the past post....

Every year my old elementary school takes the 6th graders for a week long camp out trip.  When I went, I LOVED it.  I had so much fun that I vowed I would come back and be a camp counselor as soon as I was old enough.

Apparently 9th grade was old enough, so I went that year as a camp counselor to the kids that were in third grade when I was in 6th grade.  I knew a lot of the kids from that as well as a number of them were younger siblings of some of my friends.

I spent a week with these kids and we had a blast!  Wilson School did 6th grade camp the old school way...tents, making your own food, and the counselors were the ones to teach the kids, take them on their hikes, discipline them, everything!  It was so much fun becoming friends with each of them and watching them with their little crushes and 6th grade drama.  

After this first year of doing 6th grade camp with Wilson, the school decided to do camping a different way by taking the kids to some posh camp and didn't need outside counselors.  Lame.  So instead of Wilson, I would go be a counselor with McKinley school.  They had cabins and people there to teach the kids, so we were basically glorified babysitters, so it just wasn't the same :( 

June 18, 2010

Southern Utah

So...I hate organizing pictures on blogger because it is so annoying and doesn't work well.  So what I have done is just throw a bunch of pictures out there for your enjoyment!

We got up really early on Wednesday and headed out and went and hiked around Bryce canyon. Then we went and stayed the night in Cedar with one of Sherstin’s friends. Got up really early Thursday and went to Zion. We were doing Angel’s Landing, but I didn’t make it up all the way. First off, I’m NOT in shape! Secondly, my bloodsugar was dropping crazy fast without even giving myself any insulin! (For those of you who would blood sugar dropped 100 in 20 minutes without taking any insulin!!!)  Sherstin and Mike went up a little bit further, and then met me at the bottom.  After that we drove to mesquite and stayed the night at Sherstin’s uncle’s condo and took it easy. We were all pretty tired! Friday we left for Vegas and dropped mike off at the MGM grand so that he could meet up with his buddies and we went to our hotel and sat out for a bit. Then that night we went around the stip and then Saturday we went boating with some of Sherstin’s friends and then left and got back around midnight! Quite the weekend!  Sherstin is a great tour guide!