April 20, 2012

Health Madlib Poem

Health Madlib Poem. Go to: http://languageisavirus.com/cgi-bin/madlibs.pl and fill in the parts of speech and the site will generate a poem for you. Feel free to post the Madlib or edit it to make it better.

incredibly i have never washed, well beyond

any Hawaii, your test strips have their bloody:

in your most fat blood tester are things which draw me,

or which i cannot drink because they are too extreme

your sticky look sideways will uncower me

though i have run myself as cat,

you sleep always pool by pool myself as cell phone pass out

(chewing often, again) her fast Taco Bell

or if your Shania Twain be to bark me, i and

my Crystal Ball will eat very upstairs, slowly,

as when the rock of this Hawaii study

the bedroom yesterday everywhere pricking;

nothing which we are to drink in this Istanbul hop

the Lisa of your prickly syringe: whose church

swim me with the cow of its Santa Clause,

pokeing Bowling Alley and doctor's office with each siting

(i do not freak out what it is about you that cry

and guess; only something in me sweat

the boardshorts of your test strips is squishy than all cell phone)

Petaluma, not even the flip flops, has such smelly insulin pump

- Allison & e.e. cummings

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