December 29, 2012


I always thought that I would prefer to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but I had a revelation tonight.  Jasmine from Aladdin would be my pick.  She's already a princess, doesn't have to wear huge dresses and mostly...she has a pet tiger!  DUH.  Oh, and she gets a man who wears MC Hammer Pants.  Hott.

December 24, 2012

Sub for Santa

Our ward passed out a sign up sheet for Sub for Santa a couple weeks ago.  I signed up and did my shopping.  Lisa saw me bringing home some random stuff and wanted to know what it was for.  She got all jealous and wanted to help out too and basically bought out Costco with stuff for a needy family on the list.  Then the kids wanted to get in on it too and bought toys with their own money to donate to the cause.  They are for sure making some children very happy this Christmas!

December 20, 2012

Home Owners

Kyra and I went to Petaluma for a weekend so that we could help Susannah and Kevin move into their new house!
 Susannah's cat, Missy, attacked me and ran away when I tried to get her into the car to go to the new house.

 We were tired after all that cleaning and moving!
 Kyra and I celebrated by getting an avalanche apple!
 Peyton thought it was fun to ride Montana's cat cage...
 Peyton loves chocolate almost as much as we do!

 Three of my cute nieces!
Kevin's cat, Montana, the fattest cat I've seen!

Apparently I didn't take any pictures of the new house...

December 17, 2012

A Visit From Sherstin

SO...I forced Sherstin to come out and visit me for a weekend.  It was very short, but well worth it.  She flew in Friday night and flew out Sunday evening.  We actually didn't really do anything and didn't even really take pictures at all!  Mostly because we literally just hung out, talked and relaxed!  It was lovely!  We spent half of our time in Morgan Hill and the other half in Petaluma so that Shestin could see where I am now and where I grew up.  
 We stopped by Susannah's place so that Sherstin could meet Peyton...
 Peyton did not disappoint and Sherstin said that she understands now when I talk about how freaking cute Peyton is!
 I showed Sherstin the creek I played in growing up, there was a lot more water in it from the last time I checked.

 I freaked out because dad randomly paved the driveway...I wanted him to do that all my life and he suddenly did it on a whim!
 My beautiful green Petaluma!

We even made it out to my Elementary school and I showed her where I am immortalized on the wall of the school :)

I had a great time and look forward to seeing her next month when she becomes Mrs. Sherstin Sutherland!

December 13, 2012

Christmas Tree Farm

I grew up with a Christmas Tree farm up the road from me.  So, when I was home for Thanksgiving and Jennifer said we should take a walk up there, I was all for it!  It was really pretty and they even had some animals out.  You can't really tell, but that is like the goliath of all goats...we were pretty scared.  The pig was huge too...I've never seen one that big in person, but I'm sure there are much larger!  Oh, and Asia was there for a day and then came back with me because Nikki is going to be there for most of December, so we thought it best that she hang out in Morgan Hill a bit longer.  

December 10, 2012


 BYU played at San Jose State in November, so I got tickets and made Kyra come with me to her first college football game!  Poor kid had no idea what was going on and thought that we would get beat up since we were cheering for the other team.  We did not play well and lost, but it was fun to feel all team spirited again!

December 6, 2012

Temple Trip

 We were finally able to get Kyra her recommend to go inside the temple to do baptisms for the dead!  We went to the temple the next Saturday with her cousin and grandma.  We did some family names.  I even did them as was weird doing that again since I haven't done it in a while.  We were at the Oakland temple, which is where I grew up doing temple trips.  The baptistry has changed so much...apparently they had just remodeled it.  We went on a really busy day because they had youth conferences there, but it was a great experience.  Kyra got to go again the next week with her young women group...I was told that she looked like a pro!

December 3, 2012

My Halloween Costume

I had the best Halloween costume this year!  I dressed up as Lisa!  It was pretty entertaining because I don't think she thought I would actually do it, but I showed up at the Smiths that night.  Fully decked out.  Clothes, makeup, perfume, bra, everything.  It was even weirding Austin out that he kept on thinking I was his mom.  Oh and it was really comfortable too!