December 7, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

Lyla Brooke Rumsey entered the world this past Saturday. Tiff texted me at 6am letting me know that she was going into labor. Pretty sure it was Paul texting me back after that throughout the morning keeping me posted on the happenings. At about 11:30am, as I was driving up to SLC for my friend's endowment, I got a text letting me know that baby and mother were both doing well!
After the endowment, I ran home to change and then over to the hospital to meet this cute new baby! She was only about 7 hours old!
What a cute newborn! Does that even happen?! Welcome to the world Lyla! Congrats Tiff and Paul!

December 3, 2009

Temple Square

For our FHE activity we went up to Temple Square to see the lights, it was very pretty! I think everyone was on something and it turned out to be a pretty funny evening!