April 8, 2011

Yet Another California Post!

 I went to California for a few things...Kyra's birthday, my birthday, and Austin and Michael's baptisms.  Kyra turned 11...it is crazy to think that Kyra is so old!  That makes me even older!  I don't want to think about it. 
Kyra had her birthday party with a bunch of her girl friends at the bowling alley...they had a lot of fun! 
 Afterwards we all went back to the house for a slumber party...Lisa and I ended up getting in a whipping cream fight with the girls...I'm pretty sure that we won! 
 The weekend after Kyra's birthday we had the baptisms...these boys are so cute!  Poor Michael had the flu, but was such a champ!  Aren't they so cute in their shirt and ties???

 Proud grandparents with their 8 year old grandsons!
After the baptisms, we went back to the house for a little family gathering.  A lot of Jean's family were able to come and it was great to see them all!