August 26, 2011

Fan/Not a Fan

I am not a fan of...
The cold weather coming back.
Students in the streets at night on their skateboards ASKING to be run over.
Provo traffic.
Being ignored.
Construction on the 15.
Halloween candy being out in August at Smiths.
Christmas stuff being out in August at Costco...but we'll let this one slide since it IS Costco.
Working at least 8 hours a day.

I am a fan of...
My friends' children.
Snickers Ice Cream bars.
Finally having a calling.
My parents buying me stuff at Costco.
My boss letting me off early to help a friend.
Getting packages in the mail, even if I was the purchaser.
Thai food with friends.
The Help.
My visiting teachers, teachees and companion.

August 17, 2011


So, I decided one day that Jenn and I needed to go to Panama since I wasn't there and she was born she doesn't remember anything about it.  So we decided that we would go, and then the rest of the family decided to invite themselves!  It was fun to have them come along and go down memory lane!  Here are a few pics from our adventures!
 A ship going through the locks of the Panama Canal
 Panama Temple!
 A walk through the rain forest at our hotel
 a trip down the chagres river

 Going through the locks

 bridge of the americas

 Panama City

 We saw a whale!
Lots of fun...I love rain forests...I need to live in one!