April 5, 2012


Ekphrasis Post. Go to flickr.com/explore and write a post inspired by the image. Can you link it to your health focus? Don’t forget to post the image!

Window - Yangon by Maciej Dakowicz

I don't really know where to go with this....


Ok, I can relate it to diabetes.  Sometimes I feel like diabetes is taking over my life.  And therefore I am faceless.  Just like the woman in this picture.  She is being taken over by the materials that seem to run her life.  But someone is reaching out to her...mmmmaybe for help to get out of the craziness?  Just like I use my friends to help me get out of the craziness. 

It is a stretch. 

What the heck does Ekphrasis mean? 

On a funnier note....

Today I was at work and the lawyer in the office came up and offered me some chocolate just after he had offered the girl in front of me chocolate.  As he walked away all of a sudden something thunked REALLY hard against my forehead!  OUCH!  What was that?  Then I see my co worker pop her head up in horror!  She had received chocolate from the lawyer as well and when she realized that it was dark chocolate, which apparently she doesn't like, she tried to chuck it at him...missing the further away him and hitting me right in the forehead from two feet away!  I had a slight bump and complained of dizziness the rest of the day.  The whole office had a good laugh out of it! 

Maybe I won't have to go into work tomorrow...

The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge 2012 (#HAWMC)

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