September 25, 2009


It is SO annoying when someone thinks that I don't have a basis for my own opinion just because it differs from their own opinion.

September 24, 2009

Worse Than I Thought...

What's next? Are we going to come up with some sort of Obama salute?


Not really thrilled when I have seen multiple posts on facebook about how elementary school teachers are finding secret ways to push their politcal/gay/liberal views on the children they are teaching. Come on!

September 17, 2009


I walked into work the other day and found out that they were going to move some sales guys to be in my very empty, besides myself, area. UG. So...I gave my boss this look and told him that I was going to move to the other end of the office. Which I did. It is a very isolated one else is back here at all and I'm loving it! I'm getting so much done as well!

Above is my new desk/cubical. A few years ago I had a lot more pictures...I'm not fun anymore since I never print any of my digital pictures!

My second desk. I'm kinda a brat and take over two desks at a time. I don't use this one very much though, but it is nice to have.

The view to my left. I told you it was pretty desolate back here! When they didn't have people to go back here, it kinda turned into the junk area. I'm going to have to find sometime soon to do some organizing and cleaning. My folders and files are in random spots around here. Pretty sure that I'm going to end up taking over the whole area!

View to my right. Mmmm. I no longer have a tree blocking my view like my previous window seat.
I had a few offers to go sit by my co workers, but I like to be by myself. It helps me to get stuff done faster and more efficiently. I end up going over and hanging out with them a lot anyway. Although, I do think I have confused a few of my coworkers with my desire to always have my desk away from everyone else! I guess it is just part of my controlfreakishness. :)


Well, nothing horribly entertaining with a funny story has been happening in my life lately, but I figure that I have neglected my blog long enough. So here are a few pictures showing a few things of what I've been up to lately!

On Labor Day, we went out in search of real ghost towns, which was a blast! We found one, but couldn't find the real one we were looking for. Oh well. We went driving around to get lost and found that people out in the middle of no where really don't like people to cross onto their land...there were no trespassing signs EVERYWHERE. Including this gem of a sign....

My old bishop and his wife were kind enough to invite a few of us over to have dinner at their place! It was a lot of fun and nice to get updated on everyone's lives!

We had a fanstastic ward FHE where people were attacking each other with mashmellows. I gave up on using the pipes and ended up just throwing it at people...Cindy was a good shot and got me in the head a few times!

The ward camp out was pretty entertaining...this is my favorite shot...I love Giulianna's face!

So, we were SO excited to go see Post Grad. Even thought that other people would be excited to go, but come to find out, we basically had the theater to ourselves...and the movie was weird. Don't pay full price. If you have to see it, go to the dollar theater. Too bad, I was thinking it was going to be so cute. It wasn't. If you took the family out of the picture, it could have been a cuty story.

Jessica and her husband adopted two kittens! Jasper and Phoenix...they are adorable! I miss furry little animals!

We also celebrated Jessica's birthday (and my half birthday!) It was so nice just to hang out and enjoy each other's company!
Well, those are the pictures I have to share. Other things that I'm doing probably aren't that entertaining without pictures!

September 16, 2009

7 Years....

So, on September 20th it will be my 7 year Anniversary at Prosper. Only Devin beats me by a couple months for the longest running admin. Once again, I must name the perks of working at Prosper for so long:

I got a See's candy gift bag today along with the above certificate

2 Prosper t-shirts

1 Prosper Hoodie

1 Prosper pullover

1 Prosper blanket

1 PMG polo

1 Trump University pull over

1 Prosper polo

countless Prosper pens

1 Prosper christmas tree ordament

1 prosper key chain

1 prosper leather paper pad holder

1 Prosper name plaque

144 paid time off hours each year