February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nauna!

So, today was Shauna's birthday. SHE IS SOOOOO OLD!!!!!! I can't even believe it!

Shauna and I met in the dorms. We were next door neighbors. When we found out that we were both from California, we started a tradition of me playing California Love really loud on my computer so that she could hear it next door!
Out of all my roommates, Shauna and I have lived together the longest. She is AMAZING to put up with me! AND we've only had one real fight...needless to say, it was my fault!
Shauna has always been such a wonderful friend and sister to me. She has never failed to make me feel better about myself and would even sing to me in the mornings.

Even though she left me to marry Mark, I'm so glad that they have moved back to Utah. I love that she isn't very far away. Happy Birthday, Shauna! I love you!

February 27, 2009

Some Things I Just Can't Pull Off

I was in a training today about time management. We were asked to list off tasks that we need to do during the day. Someone said shower. I woke up late today and didn't shower. I felt their eyes look upon my unshowered person. Did they know? Could they smell me?

Probably not.

There are a lot of things that I can't pull off...such as wearing trendy clothing, ruffles, curls etc, but I for sure cannot go a full day without showing without looking gross, wilted, and greasy. My makeup tends to sluff off my face within 13 minutes and my hair starts clumping together.

This isn't something new. I remember when I was little, if my mom didn't bath me for a day, my sisters would make fun of me by saying that they could fry an egg on my head. Ew.

I have had friends and roommates who can go days without showering. They wake up, roll out of bed and still somehow resemble a beautiful Disney Princess. What the heck?

I guess this is just something I'll have to live with forever. I'm hoping that I learned something from this time management training today, though.

Like how to schedule "shower" into my Microsoft Outlook...

Complete with a pop up reminder.

February 22, 2009

Oh...I Went To California...

SO, my sister and brother in law decided to go on a weekend cruise over Valentines day. Hence why I was flown out to watch Kyra and Austin. We had quite the fun weekend that also came along with some very interesting moments...most of which, happened on Sunday.

I woke up Sunday morning to two screaming kids running into my room. "Allison! Allison! There's a flood!!!" Now, Lisa and Bob had just had a flood in the downstairs of their house, which ended up with them getting all new floors downstairs. So I ran into the master bathroom where there was poop, pee, toiletpaper and water overflowing out of the toilet area and into the master bathroom area. Wonderful. The kids were instructed to go play Wii while I used about 15 towels to soak up the mess and stopped the toilet. Needless to say, we missed 9am church!

After everything was taken care of with the toilet, I decided to feed the turtles. I picked up the water container and walked to the bathroom to fill it up and came back to find that there had been turtle poop on the bottom of the container that had dropped onto the ground. Second poop clean up for the day.

After I had cleaned up the turtle poop, I realized that I had forgotten to clean out the cat's litter box on Saturday. Poop clean up number three.

We decided to make and decorate sugar cookies that evening. While doing so, Austin had to go potty, so he ran upstairs. Soon, he was yelling for me to come help. He's old enough to take care of that himself (even though he asks for help everytime and is rejected everytime). However, when he came downstairs, he told me that he had accidentally gotten poop on his pants. We went back upstairs and cleaned up that mess. Last poop clean up for the day.

By the end of the day, I had cleaned up poop for each living thing in the house except for the fish.

Who knew fish could be so proper with their waste?

February 19, 2009

Don't Limit Yourself

My daytime valentines....My nighttime valentine...

Kyra, Austin and I spent Valentines day at Six Flags. Which, holy cow...X2 is just AMAZING! I never scream on rides and I ALMOST did on this one! Anyway, after we got home, the kids went to bed and I was left alone in the house with Emmitt, the cat. Emmitt and I were downstairs cleaning up the kitchen when I looked down at him and asked him to be my Valentine. He gazed upwards at me and didn't reply. I took his silence as his acceptance.

What a good cat.

February 3, 2009

25 Things-I Caved...

1. I don't like onions, tomatoes or pickles on my hamburgers, but if I am ordering one, I don't ask for them to hold those items because I like the left over taste and usually have someone around who is willing to eat them for me.

2. I get really happy inside when I'm watching a movie that is taking place in the Bay Area. I can't help but say "HOME!" each time they show a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge

3. As much as I don't like the snow, I think this has been my best year yet of enjoying winter.

4. Sometimes when I get a burst of energy, and I'm home alone, I will run into by bedroom and fly onto my bed. Or lately I'll go down into the basement and chase the balloons around, it is really fun!

5. I've always had a fixation with clouds. When I was younger, I wanted to be a cloud in my second life. On a trip to Hawaii, I fulfilled my dream of touching a cloud. It wasn't as exciting as I had thought it was going to be.

6. I can spend hours upon hours in my bed rotating between thinking, reading and sleeping.

7. I am in seventh heaven when I am talking about animals to someone who is just as interested in them as I am (or almost as interested!)

8. Kinda like how I like to say "HOME!" when I see a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, I also have to say "KITTY!" anytime I see a cat.

9. I love listening to loud upbeat music. It can totally get me pumped up, especially if I"m alone while listening to it.

10. I love tigers. I just want to hug them. I probably take out too much of that desire on my poor little cats whenever I get to see them.

11. I have interesting nicknames for certain animals, examples... cow: moo-cow, my dog Sadie: poopy-dog, my cat Asia: Asia Poo-ball. No clue as to why the word "poo" is in most of them...

12. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. All you have to do is eat and you get two days off of work!

13. I LOVE ice cold water.

14. I enjoy shopping for and playing around with electronics

15. I love receiving texts that make me laugh out loud

16. Lots of times I take my sarcasm or joking too far and people start to think that I'm not joking when I really am.

17. I want to travels lots...I love going to new places and seeing new things. Some day I'll go on an African Safari!

18. During the time that my parents were on their mission, I ended up confessing all of my high school secrets to them, such as the one time I snuck out of the house, etc. Their reactions were pretty apathetic. It was kinda disappointing.

19. I don't think that I totally fit into the 'youngest child' characteristics. However, I think that when all the siblings are together, we totally fall into our categories of oldest, youngest, middle, etc.

20. I enjoy my independence and hope to one day marry someone that doesn't feel like he has to fix and do everything for me all the time.

21. It drives me nuts if my fingernails aren't cut nicely. If one is breaking or pealing, I have to take care of it ASAP. Not to say that my fingernails are always long and beautiful!

22. I actually really do enjoy cooking. I just have issues with trying to get all of the ingredients and the time to really cook something.

23. I love my watch. I found it in a store in colorado in 2002 and refuse to get another one. This one totally fits my style, personality and needs.

24. I refuse to read LDS love stories, Twighlight and Harry Potter. I'm a brat, I know.

25. I am totally rejuvinated after a long chat with a friend who knows me well.