November 2, 2010

A to the B To the H

So, I was chatting with Ashlee online and we decided that the end of the year is shot.  I mean seriously, how are we expected to have any sort of desire to work when we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years coming up?  Not to mention going out of town a ton until the end of the year?!  So, I figured I would blog about something and asked Ashlee what I should blog about.  Here is our conversation:

Allison: i still have no desire to do anything at work.  the rest of the year is shot
Ashlee: amen to that
Allison: maybe i should blog. what should i blog about
Ashlee: me
Allison: ok, what should i say about you?
Ashlee: i'm awesome!
Allison: k

I figure a picture is worth a thousand words....

You really can't get more awesome than that, now can you?