January 17, 2011

Kalais and Zach's Wedding!

We all kinda thought Kalais was a little bit crazy when she said that she was leaving us to move to VERNAL, Utah.  I mean, come on....what is out there in Vernal?  Well...apparently it was her eternal companion!  She moved in Julyish and got married in December.  AMAZING!  They are so cute together!
Crystal and Chance came down as well, it was fun to get caught up with them!
I love Zach's face in this picture!
Kalais' dress was SO her!  She looked AMAZING!  The sealing in the St. George temple was beautiful!
The St. George temple had the nativity scene set up and we had a little bit of fun with it!  :)
Me with the beauitful couple...they both love to strike a face in any picture..their kids will have the best facial expressions!
Seriously, the funnest wedding I have ever been to!  We just had a blast!

January 14, 2011


My sister was nice enough to fly me out to California for Thanksgiving.  I usually don't come out for Thanksgiving, but the whole family was getting together and she kinda surprised me!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so it was wonderful to be home with family!
We had sister's night out in the City.  We went out to dinner and then we went and saw West Side Story at the Orpheum Theater.
We were in the nose bleed seats, but it was still fun!
We had two Thanksgiving dinners...one with kids and the other with no kids...both were great...I love Thanksgiving food!!  All the cousins had a great time getting together and playing and we all finally got to meet little William!
Sunday was awesome, as usual...the Petaluma kids hung out and got caught up during Sunday School.  Love it when we all get together!
I spent most of my time living it up at the residence inn, where lisa and family were staying before moving into their gorgeous new home!  One of their new favorite actvities is going bowling!
Pretty sure Kyra beat me...
Aren't they so cute when they are asleep?!

January 13, 2011

Colorado Weekend!

This little cowboy...
and his mommy decided to go  Colorado for a bit, so I jumped on the opportunity and drove out to Delta for the weekend...we had such a great time!
Even went and got pedicures!  Although we weren't sure that we got the picture on our toes that we had requested...turns out it looks a little different on a toenail than a fingernail! 
Can't get enough of this girl!  She really needs to move back and be closer to me! 
We had a fun little photoshoot after church on the ranch...we thiwe are so fun!  :)
My second home!
Ma and Pa Smith took us out to some fabulous Mexican food...we had a great time!
Can't wait to see my second family again!

January 12, 2011

Girl's Weekend in Idaho!

This amazing thing happened! Kjerstsin texted me asking me if I wanted to go to Idaho with her, Kristen and Shandy and it was the one weekend I was going to be in town, so I was able to go! We all were able to go on the same weekend on the first try...it was amazing!

We went to this burger joint called the Snake Bite...kinda scary name, but seriously the best burgers EVER!  Kristen and Shandy stayed with Emily and Kjerstin and I stayed with Tiff.
Sunday was nice and chill and we just hung out for a while at Tiffany's place.  They were nice enough to put up with us! 
I'm pretty sure Lyla enjoyed all the attention... :)
It was so fun reuniting with these girls!  I've been roommates with each of them except for Shandy (who actually took my spot in Township).  Love that we are all still great friends!

January 11, 2011


There was a party up in the Canyon that I think our stake or the older singles put on?  I can't remember now, but it was fun to see everyone dressed up!  Jeanna, Cindy and Abby looked AMAZING!
I'm too lazy to go back and flip this picture, but I really enjoyed it!
Mary was the Runaway bride...she looked fab!

January 10, 2011

Baby Shower!

Isn't Sarah just the cutest little pregnant lady?  This is just before the babyshower that we had for little Thalia!  It was so fun to get together with old friends and eat such great food! 

January 7, 2011

Myton House

Ok...I am finally back to the real world and figure that I should get caught up on the blog!  So, going back to when I dropped off the face of the earth...here are a few pictures of when I went with some family members to go clean up around my grandma's house in Myton, Utah.
The front of the house, even though I didn't know that until I was much older because we always went through the back way.
EVERYONE loves this old swing, it was great to be able to chill on it again
Stairs leading to the upper part of the house..we always went down these in our sleeping bags...always a fun time at grandma's!
Side of the house...
The upstairs bathroom.  Everytime you open the door, there is a noise that happens...any Murray would be able to recognize it in a heartbeat!