April 23, 2012

Free Day

Day 23
Health Activist Choice Day 23! Write about whatever you like.

Right now I am actually reading this book called "A Single Voice" by Kristen Oaks.  It is a church book that Ashlee was really enjoying and told me I should read.  So, of course, I jumped on that.  It is a book basically talking about how to get through life, especially when you are single.  This morning as I was reading, this quote stood out to me:

"Sadly, a few often spoke of how they wished that this life were over and that they could return to their Heavenly Father and be free of their pain and loneliness."  

I read this and thought about how people don't just feel that way because of being single, but they can also feel that way because of health issues.  I know that there have been plenty of times in my life where I thought it would just be so much easier to die and not have to worry about my diabetes ever again.  In the afterlife, there is no diabetes.  I wouldn't have to think about it all the time, I wouldn't have to feel sick when I don't give myself the correct amount of insulin.  I wouldn't have to worry about always having food on me and my pump and my blood checker, etc etc etc.  Death is a much faster way of getting rid of diabetes than waiting around for that miracle cure.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not suicidal.  I love my life and I am excited for the things that are coming up.  Plus you can't say that you haven't felt the same way when going through a trial in your life!  

The chapter continues on to talk about how the trials that we are given in this life help us to better understand others in their trials.  Let people know that we aren't alone in what we are going through.  Isn't that at least part of the reason behind these 30 post in 30 days?  People with health problems are coming together and sharing what their life is life...and we are reading each other's blogs and finding out that we are not alone.  We may have different trials going on in our lives, but we aren't alone in that feeling.  

It is empowering.  

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Natalie Smith said...

I can only say "wow!" to this post. Great words and thoughts Allison!