July 31, 2009


So...when I was in college, I thought that I would have so much more free time once I graduated.

I was SO wrong.

July 15, 2009


So I'm watching the O'Reilly factor and there was a story on this journalist who wrote about how we need to get white men out of power in the United States and put minorities in. HUH? Just vote for GOOD people...who cares what their race or gender is?!?! Oh yeah, and the journalist is a left winger...aren't there mostly left wingers in control right now? Hmmm.

July 12, 2009

I Love To See The Temple

So...I dragged myself out of bed this morning (with the help of Cindy and Abby texting me to wake up), skipped the shower (gross) and got to Relief Society before it started (yay!). The lesson was on the temple. After RS I went to Sunday school where Tyson stole my shoe (I had kidnapped his scriptures) and then we had a lesson on revelations in the D&C. Sacrament meeting talks were also on temples. I went home and I was about to hibernate for the afternoon (a nap is not a nap unless it is at least 3 hours long) when I got a text from my visiting teaching companion to go visit one of our girls in an hour. I rolled over and grabbed my Ensign and looked at this month's lesson...the temple. This got me thinking (hard to imagine, I know)...

I am so lucky that I live 8 minutes away from a house of the Lord. It is so easy to take the temple for granted, especially when it is so close. At the last general conference there were so many talks given on the blessings of the temple. How important it is for us to listen to the words of the prophets and attend the temple, to help our kindred dead, to be surrounded by the Spirit, especially during times such as these. What a wonderful gift our Father in Heaven has given to us to have these temples to dot the earth.

July 6, 2009


I know I know....you are all at the edge of your seats waiting for an update on the life of Allison. Well....sit back...relax and enjoy....the time has come....

We had a fantastic time celebrating Susie's birthday. Genna made this amazing cake and Susie made a wonderful lasagna! Afterwards we watched Arrested Development...which Susie is in! Who knew that I had such famous friends?
It was also KP's birthday! She threw a great party and I had a great time catching up with good friends. I was amazed that KP was in the country for her birthday!

On night I wasn't able to fall asleep until 7am. Yes, it was horrible. I was in bed at midnight, read for a while, got bored, watched Ten Things I Hate About You, worked, hung out outside, played on facebook, etc etc etc. However, this is what it looks like at 6am outside me house...not too bad, aye?

I didn't have to go into work on Friday, so my sweeto neighbors and I decided to get in touch with our inner child and play with sidewalk chalk! There was an awesome crime scene and a lovely beach scene as well! And then it rained that night. Oh well.

I was lucky enough to get a very short visit in with the Hunsakers! Noah and I had a blast going from room to room and watching the birds out the window...and apparently the dinosaurs and cows....

The Fourth was wonderful! I got together with Jordan and the Crokers and we had a yummy BBQ and then made soap boats! I think Sarah and I were a lot more thrilled abou the soap boats than the boys were, sadly enough.

After floating the boats in the tub downstairs, we headed up to campus and met up with Kristen and Logan. Jordan had access to the SWKT so we went up to the 12th floor...you know...where they supposedly keep the monkeys...and had a great view of the fireworks at the Stadium.

I wish every weekend was the Fourth of July 3 day weekend.