November 27, 2011

Sometimes I Like to Mess with People - 30 Health Posts in 30 Days

Sometimes you gotta mess with people.  It makes my life much more interesting.
When I was in high school...and I'm dating myself here...pagers were all the rage.  I never had one, but it sure looked like I had one with my insulin pump.  It was against the rules to have your pager at school, so the hall monitor ladies would confiscate pagers as they pleased.  Most of the ladies would remember that my pump was, in fact, a pump and not a pager...all except one.  This one lady would pull me over in the hall every time I we were near each other and would tell me to give her my pager.  It kinda got annoying after the 800th time of explaining that it was keeping me alive and not a machine to alert me of a friend wanting to get a hold of me.  So, one day I apparently had had it.  She attacked me again and told me to give her my pager and so I did.  I pulled up my shirt, detached the tubing from my stomach, unraveled the whole thing and placed my insulin pump in her hands and walked away without saying a word.  She, of course, followed me and gave it back.  Weird, I never had a problem with her and my 'pager' ever again!

Also, my best friend while we were growing up would ask me all the time how I was.  I would tell her that I was ok and nothing to worry about because it would be a while before my feet would fall off.  This always kinda freaked me out so even to this day she is still much more concerned about my feet than any other part of my body or physical ailment.  It is pretty entertaining for me! :)

P.S.  If you see me messing with my pump and ask if I am dying, more often then not, I'm going to answer with yes, I am dying...oh and for an extra special treat...sometimes if you ask me if I'm dying and I will start going into fake convulsions just for the fun of it :)

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:


Natalie Smith said...

Well...I am jealous you had a real fake pager...I bought a fakey one from one of those teen stores and thought I was cool...haha

I love that story...way to bring humor to your life.

Karenh said...

Well, I now realize you must be the real evil one of the family! What wonderfuly wicked things to do to people! Love it! =)

Meri said...

Fake convulsions. Pa-leeese do not teach my boys that one!

Md. Abdul Aziz said...

your blog is very fine. I like it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

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