November 23, 2011

Placement - 30 Health Posts in 30 Days

When you have an insulin pump you really have to get creative with where you hide it.  Sometimes this little box can seem HUGE.  You can always tell when a female has diabetes because it is harder to hide on a female's body than on a male's...they can just stick it in their pocket and no one knows any differently!  Normally I just clip my pump to my pants.  Not a big deal.  Most people think that I'm a freak with a pager...  When I wear a dress it gets a little bit more complicated.  I do have this little spandex thing that goes around my thigh that I can put it in.  Although when I go to give myself some insulin it looks really awkward with me attacking my upper and inner thigh!  I used to wear my pump in my bra, back when I had an animus pump, mostly because the clip that comes with that pump is HUGE.  My friends had to get used to me digging around in my bra to get the pump out whenever I needed to use it!  Or I had to be sneaky to get it out in public, sometimes it didn't work so well...and sometimes my shirt would reveal a small box in between my boobs...awkward...  

At night I used to just clip my pump to my pants and not think a thing about it.  I've actually had a lot of questions about where I put it when I sleep.  I never felt it, so it wasn't a big deal.  Now that I have the sensor I clip it to the top of my tank top in hopes that I can hear the alarm if it goes off in the middle of the night.  If I clip it to my pants, I can't her a thing with my down comforter over me!  

Another fun thing is having to deal with the weird protrusions coming out of my stomach...aka...the sensor and the place where my insulin pump is attached to me.  Try putting on a semi tighter shirt or swimming suits and you can see all these weird pumps on my is very attractive.  I usually just wear a shirt over my swimming suit

Speaking of swimming...not only when I go swimming do I have these funny looking bumps but then I clip my pump to the top of my board, I look cool doing that.  It is also kinda a pain to deal with a one piece swimming suit and being connected to my pump and then when I need to take off my pump to get into the water...yeah...that's a fiasco and a sight to see!  

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Natalie Smith said...

boo! to the pump and swimming. you would think that someone would try to create something better/easier? maybe that is where you are going to get rich...get to planning ;)

Lisa said...

that's why they made tankini's!!! i'm sure of it! :) and i do think they need to make the stupid pump a lot smaller so we can just put it in our bra. it soooo don't work now!!!! and i do just love the bump u see on my stomach through tight shirts which are about to be 2 bumps! and the pager comments are comical! :)