November 1, 2011

Health Advocacy - 30 Health Posts in 30 Days

A friend of mine from back home has four children and three of which have Type 1 Diabetes like I do.  I was reading her blog that she has dedicated to her children and diabetes and saw a post that showed a bunch of different ways that are going on right now for advocacy in health/diabetes.  Apparently it is health advocacy month and there is a program asking people to blog 30 posts in 30 days about your condition and I signed up for it.  I got an email with ideas for each day and decided that sometimes I will use their ideas, but other days, like today, I will do my own thing.  Today I wanted to explain why I decided to do this.

I was diagnosed with diabetes 17 years ago last week and I have never really gotten into going out there and rallying up the troops. I usually just go about my own business and keep most of my trials, failures and successes to myself, minus a couple blogs that I have done in the past or when I talk to my sister about it, since she has Type 1 as well.  When I talk about diabetes, it is usually just an overview to others around me or reminding friends that I have to eat when my blood sugar level is low, not take more insulin.

Reading my friend's blog has inspired me to take this opportunity to inform others as to what it is like living day to day with diabetes.  I am not the best at telling other people my thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to diabetes because unless you have it or are the parents of young children with it, it is hard to understand what it actually feels like.  My only disclaimer is that at times my thoughts on this 30 days of blogging might seem neurotic, but that is what it is like inside a diabetic's head and may seem weird to others, but to a diabetic, or parents of a diabetic, it is perfectly normal and is the way to stay healthy and alive.

So, here's to 30 days of posting my feelings about diabetes...let's hope I can make it...!

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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Meri said...

I'm a little teary. So happy you are taking the ride with me this month!