November 11, 2011

Cost of Diabetes - 30 Health Post in 30 Days

What I Have Ordered Through A Doctor:
With these items I have to pay 20% of the cost after hitting my $700.00 deductible.

Revel Insulin pump:  

Somewhere between $7000.00 to $8000.00

Continuous Glucose Monitor:

Around $1000.00

Things I Get a Three Month Supply of from the Pharmacy

$40.00 every three months

Blood test strips
$135.00 every three months

Things I Have to Get Through A Supplier Online
I pay 20% of the price after hitting my $700.00 deductible.

Infusion Sets
$380.97 every three months

$840.00 every three months

Extras I need To Get

$35.99 once a year

Tegaderm Tape
$35.00 twice a year

Lithium batteries
$10.00 every three months or so

Doctor Appointments

Specialist Doctor Appointment 
$60.00 every three months

Regular Doctor appointment 
$30.00...3 a year

Blood Work
$40.00 At least once a year

So...let's take this year and add it all up.  I got a new pump and the sensor transmitter, so that used up my deductible and comes to $2300.00 for those two things.  At least my deducible is met for the year...

Pharmacy:  One year of strips and insulin:  $700.00.

Stuff I order online (and have already met the deductible and therefore only have to pay 20%) so a year supply of infusion sets and sensors:  $976.78.

Extras for a year:  145.99

Doctors appointments:  $370.00

Total for the year with insurance included:  $4492.77.  About $374.40 a month.  This is just an estimate, mind you.  I don't even want to figure out what it would be if I didn't have insurance!!  UG!

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Natalie Smith said... an understatement. Wow...that is a lot of money.

Lisa said...

Just think. Insurance isn't payin for any of MY CGM stuff at all! All me! Nice!

Sara said...

A few years ago the premiums went up on our insurance plans and I had to figure out which would cost more money - paying the higher premiums or the additional costs of all my supplies on the "lower" plan. My list looked pretty much like this one. So ridiculous!