November 12, 2011

Mini Me - 30 Health Posts in 30 Days

I have a horrible memory.  I don't remember when I got my first pump!  I mean, it could have been in Jr. High and it could have been in High School.  Who knows!?  But either way, my friends from Jr. High and High School named my pump.  I'm guessing it was sometime before 1997 because my pump's name is Mini Me.  1997 is the year that the movie Austin Powers came out.  I got the MiniMed 507 insulin pump and, if I remember this correctly, I was in the office at school with some of my friends and they thought it was funny that my pump would sing when I would do an audio bolus (when you press a button X amount of times for X amount of insulin and you can tell how much you have chosen by the pitch of the noise that comes out when you push the button).  So my friends were dancing to the music on my pump and noticed that it said MiniMed on it.  They thought it was funny that if you covered up the 'd' it would say  Mini Me, just like the guy on Austin Powers!  And thus a name for my insulin pump was born!  I'm pretty certain that it was Calen who came up with the name...he was the one doing the most dancing as well :)  The only time that my pump was not called Mini Me was when I had an Animus pump, which is not my favorite pump and therefore had no name.  All other pumps I have had have been Minimed, which I love!  I am currently on Mini Me III.

I love having an insulin pump.  Before getting my pump, I remembered hating going out to dinner because I would have to either go to the bathroom to take my shot or do it at the table and freak some people out.  Life is much easier for me being able to have the pump and not have to take a shot every time I eat something.  So, I'm grateful to be able to have my little Mini Me with me all the time!

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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Meri said...

I loooooove mini me! That is hilarious! I've lost track how many pumps we have had go through this house! Jack is on #3 as well.