October 31, 2008

Yet Another Birthday!

Today is my sister, Susannah's birthday. Yes, she was born on Halloween. I'm sure it was never fun to have a holiday birthday, but she always seemed to handle it so well! For her birthday this year, her husband, Kevin, took her to a nice weekend to spent in a yurt. For those of you who don't know what a yurt is, just google it! Sounds like they had a really good time relaxing and enjoying the yurt! Happy birthday, Susannah, I love you!
P.S. Happy Halloween...I'm a swearing scrubs again...or to be more exact, I'm Kristen Pace, the respiratory therapist!


kp said...

yay! Thats what I was too this year! FUnny, I was just telling someone the other day how you went as me once. I hear imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :) Miss you!

Siddoways said...

Suz's hair is priceless.