October 16, 2008

Just Makes Me Laugh

In July, the Fishers came out to visit. We were in a park up the canyon and Lisa and I decided to have some fun with the camera. Apparently the fly wanted in on the fun. Yes, that is a fly on my sister's forehead! He seriously would not stop attacking us! And when I say attack, I mean ATTACK! We did manage to get a picture without him, but honestly...he just adds so much! She might hate me for putting this on here, but we both thought it was pretty funny at the time! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Allison! I am trying to go home for Thanksgiving and I'm possibly taking the shuttle down to Salt Lake and then the train to Grand Junction. Would there be any way that I could meet up with you and stay with you for one little itsy bitsy night and then leave in the morning for Colorado? =)