October 9, 2008

New Ward

So as most of you know, I moved into a new ward about a month and a half ago. I haven't gone into a new ward by myself since I moved to Provo back in Summer of 2001. I was blessed back then with a wonderful roommate and awesome neighbors...ah, the good old days...boy, do I miss you guys!

Moving into this new ward has actually been a lot of fun! Come to find out, an old roommate of mine is in the ward as well as two people from my home stake and a friend from working in the temple. Tender mercies, for sure!

In addition to having a couple familiar faces, the people in the ward have just been wonderful. People are very friendly and willing to get to know each other. (Probably because most of them are as new as I am, but hey...I'll take it!)

We've had some really fun activities and the bishop and his counselors are really awesome. The average age in the ward is about 26/27, so it is nice to be asked what I 'do' rather than what I'm majoring in!

As annoying as it is to be a new person in a ward, I'm looking forward to getting into this one, even if it takes me a while! I actually haven't even had to pay anyone to be my friend! ;)


Karlie said...

#1--the first picture is just the best picture ever...such memories! Someday we all must get together again...

#2--props to you for always keeping your blog updated

#3--anyone who gets to know you will be blessed the rest of their life =)

Anonymous said...

you didn't have to pay anyone. i already slipped your home teachers a $20 and told them to have mercy on you.

Carrie said...

my little allison is all grown up... look at you, branching out and making friends! haha so wait - those two girls look super familiar to me. what are their names? are they from RP? sounds like you lucked out with an awesome ward!

Shayla said...

where did you move to?? Way to have courage!

abbybrossette said...

I am shocked and appalled that I was not named in this blog! I thought I was more important than 'ward members.' I've tried to be-friend you and this is the respect I get!?!?