October 1, 2008

6 Years At Prosper

So, September 20, 2008 was my 6 year anniversary at Prosper, Inc. WOW. I started out as some girl doing data entry and filing in the accounting department, then worked in compliance for about a year before doing what I do now (which my job has so many different aspects that I wouldn't know what to call myself anymore!) Here are some reasons why I am still working at Prosper:
  • The pay (haha, ok that one is a huge joke and I'm laughing out loud right now!)
  • Free lap top
  • Can work from home
  • I've been through four name changes of this company (EPMG, PMG, Private Marketing Group, Prosper, Inc)
  • Flexibility
  • I know exactly what I'm doing and love that I can give my input from years past
  • I've worked here long enough to have plenty of paid time off
  • The health benefits work for me
  • I can joke about how some of our meetings are like church meetings and everyone gets it
  • I love going to the corporate office and talking to friends over there who have been at Prosper almost as long as I have
  • The fact that I'm always given a window no matter where we move to
  • I hate finding and interviewing for new jobs (in fact, I didn't even interview for this one)
  • I have my own name plaque, which is currently being held up on my cubicle with clips
  • I wear jeans and a sweatshirt to work four out of the five working days
  • I can choose when I want to do hardcore work or if I'm tired I can do mindless work
  • I can joke around with the people I work with and enjoy them
  • Talking to the IT guys about guns and making fun of the accounting girls about Twilight
  • One of the owners of the company knows my name, the other one refers to me as "buddy" (yeah, Candra, me too!)
  • I hate traffic, and therefore leave slightly early from work so that I'm not stuck in it

So, that's why I'm still at Prosper. Many friends have come and gone in the 6 years...totally miss figuring out how to hide Jodie's CD in Charlotte's side of the office (although Charlotte topped me when she broke into my car and made it so the CD would turn on when I started the car), lunches to Chilis with Karlie, river walks with my BPFF Candra, finding random stuff on my desk from Jessica, and hearing all the compliance gossip from Shauna!

Here's to another who knows how long of Prosper, Inc!


DJ & Candra Probert said...

i don't know what I would do if you left Prosper.. it would throw the universe off-balance. I miss River Walks, too. And I REALLY miss Baja Chicken Wraps from Noni Cafe...and eating your coleslaw and mine, and those strange rose-petal vegetable chips, and both of our lemons. mmmmm.

I love how Randy calls you buddy. I miss him walking by and saying"Hey, Bud" and knowing that he simply couldn't remember my name. It made me feel like a 16 year old boy.

Is Connie still there? Are you in the Coaching Office now?

Karlie said...

oh yes...i can taste the bean dip now...

good times...but holy crap, you need a new job =)

Anonymous said...

i remember seeing your cute little office so many years ago... AW. but seriously, k is right... get a new JOB.

Mark & Shauna Bevans said...

Aww I remember the short time I worked there- such good memories of mostly... food:)!

Charlotta-love said...

Don't forget the AWESOME name plate I made for you!

Man, those were some good times. I miss you girl.

Lisa F. said...

ok...got one more reason...you can work from my house (in so cal) and babysit for me when i go on trips and play with me when i am home :) lol