September 3, 2012


Photo: Love.

Many people were fasting and praying for Ryan Schuhmacher today for a miracle.  That miracle came this morning as this wonderful man passed away without having to endure more harsh treatments and trials to his physical body.  This may not have been the miracle we were all hoping and praying for, but it was the miracle that our Heavenly Father knew was best.  My prayers and thoughts go out to his family.  

There were a lot of things that I thought about today.  First off, how brave and wonderful Meri and her sons are.  Their lives have not been easy and with this in addition, their lives will continue to have trials.  But God will not give us trials beyond what we can overcome.  This family must be some of the bravest and strongest people I know.  Secondly, I'm grateful for my home ward family.  They never fail to make me feel loved and better about myself when I come to visit.  I looked up to these people while growing up and I still do.  I loved hearing so many testimonies today from these people.  Petaluma 2nd Ward will always be home to me.  Thirdly, I am very excited that hopefully soon, Peyton's adoption will be finalized and Susannah and Kevin will be able to take her to the temple so that they can be sealed to each other for time and all eternity.  This little girl belongs in this family.  She brightens all of our lives.

Lastly, I'm grateful for the atonement and for the plan of salvation.  I find solace in knowing that there is a plan for each one of us.  That the atonement isn't just for sinners, it is for our pain and suffers as well.  We can find peace in these hard times and know that our Heavenly Father is a loving God.  He hears and answers our prayers.  Sometimes not in the way we want or expect it, but I trust that He knows what is best for each of us and "all things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your good, and to my name’s glory, saith the Lord." (D&C 98:3).  The sealing power is on the earth today and Meri and her sons will be able to see Ryan again.  Susannah, Kevin and Peyton will be an eternal family.  We are lucky enough to have the gospel on the earth today and in our lives.  

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Natalie Smith said...

What a happy/sad time. I am sorry for the loss, but we are so blessed with the knowledge we have!