September 18, 2012


A couple years ago my dad came out to Utah to finish up some stuff on the condo before my roommates moved in.  While he was there, he told me that I was too picky when it came to boys.  I told him that he could come to church with me that week and any boy that he picked out, I would flirt with.  We went to church that week and afterwards I asked him who I was to flirt with...he said no one.  HA!

A few years before that I had an awesome Bishop who every time we chatted he asked about my dating/flirting etc.  One Sunday when I was in an interview with him, he asked me about it and I told him that he could pick anyone out of the ward directory and I would flirt with that person.  He named the oldest guy in the ward right off the bat...I told him to be serious about this!  So, he went through the ward directory and in the end came up with no one for me to flirt with.

Yup, my dad and my uncles have set an amazing example for how I should be treated...I might be single for the rest of my life!  ;)


Traci said...

I seriously doubt that. You'll find some lucky lady............... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

But seriously. You will find someone. :)

Natalie Smith said...

You know...I think you should keep the standards up and someone awesome will come into your life...when you least expect it!