September 25, 2012

Another Petaluma Weekend!

I found out that the Petaluma Wildlife Museum was having the annual pasta feed fundraiser, so I decided to go up for the weekend to attend.  I dropped Austin off at the cousin's and Kyra and I headed to Petaluma.  It was crazy being there again, since the program had such a profound meaning in my life.  I was sad to see so many different changes, but happy to see some improvements as well!  I was able to meet up with my friend, Helene, who was in the program all four years with me and it was great getting to see her!  I had to talk mom and dad into coming with us.  Kevin and Peyton showed up for the event as well!  After the event I went and chatted the evening away with Johanna.  It was a lovely day!
The African room!
Kyra holding a baby alligator!
They had a porcupine!  Crazy!

The creek that I played in all the time growing up!

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