August 7, 2012

School Dayz Crushes

This morning I had a chat with Kyra.  I was trying to get out of her who she had a crush on, since she always says no one.  When she asked me who I had a crush on in elementary school (clearly being a little smart a) I answered with a list of boys.  She was shocked that I remembered!  I decided that it would be good fun and some slight entertainment for some of you to see my list of boys that I had crushes on.  There rest of you will just see names that mean nothing.  I'm sure I could find pictures of them to put on here, but I feel that would be a little creepy.  Also, I don't feel like I'm ready to post who I had crushes on while living in Utah...that could get weird...

Elementary School
Mike Lightener
Adrian Bello
Austin Harris
Ryan Joslin
John Noyes

Jr. High
John Noyes
Calen May-Tobin
Chris Brook

High School
Chris Brook
Calen May-Tobin
Devin Spicer
Eric Holland
John Stratford
Shea Lehman
Brandon...from American Wilderness Leadership School
Trevor...from my math class
The guy from badminton...can't remember his name...
Lorin....from my museum class

I don't have crushes easily...and it drives my friends nuts, but I think this is a pretty good list...these are the legit crushes, no six minute crushes on this list.  There you go...I've confessed all!


ashlee said...

Love this!!! I love remembering the good old days of who we had crushes one. I was just thinking about Pencil & Fox (alex and nick) the other day! So funny!

Charlotta-love said...

I seriously just about dropped my laptop when I read that RYAN GOSLING WAS IN YOUR CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I realized he wasn't.

Mark and Shauna said...

I'm with Charlotte... I read that wrong too at first and was about to freak out. AND what the heck! That is one LOOOOONG list!! Oh, and yes. You MUST list all your crushes from UT... MUST!

Natalie Smith said...

This is hilarious!

Natalie Smith said...

your memory of all their names is impressive!

Tiffany Rumsey said...

I'm going to be expecting a call tomorrow with your Utah list- please!!!???? Or what if I fly down there- would you tell me over a pan of roommate brownies?