August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday To Austin

Austin turned 10 on the 23rd of this month.  He has been planning this four layer minecraft themed cake.  I don't know how it happened, but apparently I was delegated to make this happen. We tried to convince him this was crazy but his mind was made up! I figured it wouldn't be too hard for me if I delegated.  I'd make the four cakes (he decided he wanted four different cakes rather than layers) and I'd give him the fondant and have him make all the figures.  HA.  On his first figure he was complaining about how hard it was and that he was stressed out. When he saw that mine were half way ok he turned into a little director and enjoyed bossing me around!  The whole thing took about three days.  I was so tired and just slopped it all together and then let Austin place the figures on it.  It helped that all the characters in minecraft are just blocks!

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karlie said...

Allison and Austin! You are so crafty! Great cakes!