January 17, 2009

Tiffany's Wedding

Tiffany and Paul got hitched on Friday in the Salt Lake City Temple. The wedding was, of course, beautiful! Here are some pictures of the festivities...
The wedding dinner the night before the wedding.

Tiffany and Paul coming out of the temple!

Girls shot!

Friends picture!

Here is a bunch of us girls at the reception.

I'm glad that someone finally decided to get into a cake fight! Well done, kids!


Kimberly said...

sniff sniff...okay, so maybe you think that's a joke, but I really am tearing up a little bit that I wasn't there. Hmmm...I guess that's just how life goes. Looks like you guys had fun! I miss you all already! :(

kp said...

okay, I think your blog needs a new name, something about documenting all the weddings and births of all your friends. I'm beginning to think that's why I never see you, because I'm never at baby showers and weddings :) Just kidding, well, kinda! It's fun to see all the pictures from these things!

Tiffany said...

I'm glad you got the cake picture! It documents how mean he was to me! It would have served him right if the cake got all over my dress and he had to clean it all! :)