January 6, 2009

Reunion With my Girls!

While I was home, three of my best friends from high school were also in the area. Anytime this happens, we get together. We have a tradition of going out to eat and taking a ton of pictures when we see each other! We had a blast getting caught up on everyone's lives!

Ashlee and I have known each other the longest. Our parents were in the same ward when we were both born, 7 months apart. Ash lives in Utah now, so I get to see her every once in a while, which is always such a comfort to have at least one of them close by.

Carrie's family moved into our ward when we were all about 2 years old. A little while after having her son, Noah, she moved with her family to Virginia, so it has been a while since I've seen them...actually I hadn't seen them since the day Noah was born! They are moving soon to China...so I'm planning a trip to visit them in the next year or two! I can't wait!

Rickard has been living in New York and I was able to go visit her a little over a year ago, which was so nice to have my own personal tour guide! The night after this night, Rickard and I went on our traditional late night Frosty run and drove around Petaluma, gawking at all of the changes that have occured to our little town. We even drove around until we found Pepper Nursery School, where we met when we were about 4.

I miss these girls so much already!

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Carrie said...

SO AWESOME!! oh and you STILL need to email me those pictures!!!! but i guess that means i need to email you mine as well. :) LOVE the last one with ash's amazing expression. hahaha I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!