February 11, 2013


So, a couple weeks ago Susannah and Kevin got a call that there was another little girl that was looking for a fabulous family...and after prayers and fasting, they felt that this little girl was to come into their family!  They are now in the process of adopting Morgan Gail Thorpe.  Everything will probably be finalized by the end of the summer.  It should be a much easier process than Peyton, so that will be nice!  Morgan is now almost four months old. Kyra, Austin and I will be heading up to Petaluma this weekend to meet her...can't wait!  Just like last time, no pictures until after the adoption is final!  Yay for a brand new niece!  

 Oh, and here is Peyton in her 49ers outfit...too bad we lost the Super Bowl, cuz she looked dang cute!