February 25, 2013

Defying Gravity

We were totally excited to finally go see Wicked!  We decided to make a full San Francisco day out of it.  We went and played around Pier 39 before heading to the theater.  There was a groupon to do some sort of 7D experience where we were fighting zombies in 3D, with guns, sounds, lightening, moving chairs, etc.  It was pretty fun!  They were keeping score and I actually got 6th place out of 19...I guess if there is a zombie war, stick with me and you might get out alive!  

 We went and had lunch at the Crab House, which was SO good.  We also randomly got some mini donuts and ended up fighting over the whole bucket, they were soooo good!  The kids still bring them up!  Then basically shopped around and then headed to the theater.  The musical was awesome and we all had a lot of fun!

 Gotta love living in the Bay Area!  I feel so cultured!  :)

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kp said...

I saw wicked at the orpheum too!