February 19, 2013

....and she's Married!

The thing that usually follows a bachelorette party is a wedding!  Sherstin was a beautiful bride and she and Jay are an adorable couple!  The wedding was down in Manti with a beautiful sealing, pictures and a lunch afterwards.  The reception was beautiful with the perfect theme for both of them:  Travel!  Then they were off on their honeymoon to Mexico!  I have to say (and publish it for the general public) that I called this after their first date.  The first pictures of Jay that Sherstin showed me, I told her that he was exactly the type of guy I saw her with :)  Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland!



Sherstin Sutherland said...

I love you. And yes. You called it WAYYY before me :)

Tracy said...

And what a lovely wedding it was.