January 17, 2011

Kalais and Zach's Wedding!

We all kinda thought Kalais was a little bit crazy when she said that she was leaving us to move to VERNAL, Utah.  I mean, come on....what is out there in Vernal?  Well...apparently it was her eternal companion!  She moved in Julyish and got married in December.  AMAZING!  They are so cute together!
Crystal and Chance came down as well, it was fun to get caught up with them!
I love Zach's face in this picture!
Kalais' dress was SO her!  She looked AMAZING!  The sealing in the St. George temple was beautiful!
The St. George temple had the nativity scene set up and we had a little bit of fun with it!  :)
Me with the beauitful couple...they both love to strike a face in any picture..their kids will have the best facial expressions!
Seriously, the funnest wedding I have ever been to!  We just had a blast!


karlie said...

I nominate you change your background now...

DL3 said...

I would be happy Sometimes the blog




Summer said...

why does karlie hate the blue fire, im quite enjoying it