January 13, 2011

Colorado Weekend!

This little cowboy...
and his mommy decided to go  Colorado for a bit, so I jumped on the opportunity and drove out to Delta for the weekend...we had such a great time!
Even went and got pedicures!  Although we weren't sure that we got the picture on our toes that we had requested...turns out it looks a little different on a toenail than a fingernail! 
Can't get enough of this girl!  She really needs to move back and be closer to me! 
We had a fun little photoshoot after church on the ranch...we thiwe are so fun!  :)
My second home!
Ma and Pa Smith took us out to some fabulous Mexican food...we had a great time!
Can't wait to see my second family again!


Summer said...

come baaaaaaack! love you!

karlie said...

yeah seriously, we really are so fun! Miss YOU!