January 12, 2011

Girl's Weekend in Idaho!

This amazing thing happened! Kjerstsin texted me asking me if I wanted to go to Idaho with her, Kristen and Shandy and it was the one weekend I was going to be in town, so I was able to go! We all were able to go on the same weekend on the first try...it was amazing!

We went to this burger joint called the Snake Bite...kinda scary name, but seriously the best burgers EVER!  Kristen and Shandy stayed with Emily and Kjerstin and I stayed with Tiff.
Sunday was nice and chill and we just hung out for a while at Tiffany's place.  They were nice enough to put up with us! 
I'm pretty sure Lyla enjoyed all the attention... :)
It was so fun reuniting with these girls!  I've been roommates with each of them except for Shandy (who actually took my spot in Township).  Love that we are all still great friends!

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