September 19, 2008

New Way To Get Out Of Work

So...yesterday I figured out yet another way to get to go home early from work!

Some co-workers and I had gone out to one of their cars in order to help him get the keys out that he had locked in there. We were able to get the passenger door open, so he went through that door and opened up the driver side door, which I grabbed and he slammed it shut just as I had done that. I looked down and three of my finger tips were caught in the door! I tried to pull them out, but couldn't, so I simply just opened the door to get my trapped fingers out. It didn't hurt that much, but as soon as I started checking it out, blood started gushing out my middle finger. Not a big deal. I headed back to the office to wash off my hand.

As I was going through the parking lot, I started to realize that I was going into shock. My first though was, "this is lame, you're going into shock for this?!" I tried to talk myself out of it, seeing as though it is mostly in your head, but as I got closer to the building, I ran into some other co-workers who told me I didn't look so good. Everything started to turn white, so I figured I should lay down. They were nice enough to stay with me until I was able to see, breath, and stop sweating! Once I figured I could walk again (and after color had returned to my face, I am told), I got up and went into the office, called my boss and told him I was headed out. I felt like trash!

Anyway, so I got to go home and bandage it up. I never have gone into shock before and it is a horrible feeling! I figure it only happened because I hadn't eaten much that day. (It was 2pm and I was finally headed to lunch just as that had happened.)

So, to those of you who are at work and wanting to leave early...feel free to try this excuse! Good luck!

Side note...Reactions from my parents in order:
Day 1, first reaction:
Dad: Oh! Get some ice on that so it feels better. (Then when I
can't find ice, he finds something for me)

Mom: How is your finger, you poor thing! I know your dad won't
give you any sympathy, but your mom will!
Day 2 Follow ups:

Dad calls me while I'm at work: How's your finger? Ok, good,
keep that bandaid on it.

Mom when I get home from work and show her it is still oozing:
Well quit sticking your fingers in doors and that won't happen!
That's what she calls sympathy?!

Finger Day Two...not too bad!


Mark & Shauna Bevans said...

Allison, you always were the one to come up w/ anything to get out of work... I just never thought you would resort to physically harming yourself;)!

Anonymous said...

Ouchy! That looks so painful, congrats on that fun experience. Looks like you handled it well though, I can't believe you knew you were going into shock... what a weird feeling I bet! You are a trooper... take care of yourself girl! :)

kp said...

My favorite thing about your new blog, the Toothpaste for dinner comic :) I still laugh when I see it!

Charlotta-love said...

Here's another idea: steal a coworker's car key, place a cd in her car ready to play when she turns on her car, return and act like nothing happened. ...that should take about 15 minutes at least.

Lisa F. said...

lol...on mom and dad's comments! i can totally picture them! p.s...i know i'm old, but i don't get this blog thing. how come i have to start at the bottom of the page (well almost), arrow up, scroll down to read, then arrow up to find the next one?! stupid! am i doing something wrong??? (first timer of course!...what's a blog??!!)...oh and sorry about your finger :( ... must be a murray thing...the lack of sympathy that is.