September 22, 2008


This is a momentous occasion. I have been tagged for the first time! Thanks Karlie! Here it goes... (and just in case you were wondering about the picture...I just like to have pics on blogs, makes it more interesting. That's me and Jenn)


i am...freezing to death every day at work sitting under the AC vent
i think...a lot more than you probably think I do
i know...that I am responsible for how I react to something
i be a mom someday
i have...gone sky diving before
i wish...that I didn't have to set an alarm clock in the morning and just wake up on my own
i when people assume I am one way when I am not
i miss...Northern California's green rolling hills
i fear...that my husband or any future children I will have will stray from the gospel
i feel...happy and rejuvinated when I get 8 hours of sleep a night
i smell…playdoh whenever I get the chance to play with it
i search…people's faces
i wonder...if I'll ever get a new job
i love...taking long drives on the backroads of Petaluma
i care...about other people's feelings
i always...enjoy long showers
i am not…as imtimidating as some people have told me I am
i believe…that there is a reason to it when people act negativly towards something
i dance...NEVER.
i really loud music in my car when I want to pump myself up
i live…for the weekends
i don' to play strategy games
i write...only when I have to...typing is so much easier!
i win...when I can make someone feel good about themselves.
i never…play video games
i listen...more than I talk
i can…type without mistakes when I actually want to
i am scared…when I can feel my bloodsugar dropping
i read...stuff on politics now
i am happy about…where I am in my life
i tag...Carrie, Melissa, Summer, Charlotte


Anonymous said...

Ok Missy... I would just like to say that I remember ONE time, specifically ONE time that you danced with me... remember when I visited you & Karlie @ college and she was busy dancing one night, and we went out and saw a movie and got food? Remember when we stopped at the traffic light and danced like nobody's business to make the people in the car next to us stare? OKAY, THAT WAS SO DANCING. So therefore, you DO dance, and I HAVE seen it, and it was AMAZING. good times. :) luv luv luv.

kp said...

Thanks for including pictures. I am much more inclined to read a blog post if there are pictures. I feel the same way.

Charlotta-love said...

I...will have to get back to you on this one. :o)