September 13, 2008


I didn't have a blog.

I thought blogging was for married people to update us singles on how happy married life can be. Soon there after, it is an update on their children and then you never see pictures of your friends ever again. Inspite of this, I must admit that I'm addicted to checking a large list of blogs every day and get this weird thrill each time someone has updated their blog. I have a blog. I have no husband. (uhm...honey..where are you?) I have no children. (Phew!) So what on earth am I doing?

Well, my old roommate, Kristen, started a blog and I realized how much I enjoyed reading her blogs. (granted, she is a lot funnier than I am.) And then this (slightly edited) conversation happened with another previous (now married) roommate:

Shauna: so when are you going to start a blog?

me: i feel dumb for starting a blog when i dont' have a family to blog
about but i did reserve a blog spot, i guess youw ould say

Shauna: WELL START POSTING i need more blogs to look at!

me: hmmmm....blogging seems like a huge commitemnt

Shauna: why? you can blog whenever you feel like it- it's not like
you have a deadline

me: i dont' know beacuse its always there. its like a kid

Shauna: lol, oh my goodness! you can post as much or as little as you want

me: i know, but still a commitment especially when i like people to
blog a lot and i'll have to figure out what design to do what a pain

Shauna: ALLISON YOU HAVE TO! no complaining

me: i have to?!?!?! why?!?!?

Shauna: because i want u to do a blog i can look at!

And the rest is history...if any of you know Shauna, there is no use in arguing with her :)

Thus begins my life as a blogger...stay tuned...unless I start feeling commitment-phobic again...


kp said...

Today is one of the prouder moments of my life after reading this :) I look forward to many future installments, even though I'm pretty sure you ARE commitment-phobic!

Carrie said...

wow al, i'm very proud of you in taking this momentous step in your life. you've already been added to my list of buddies! i look forward to seeing great things come from this url, so keep on blogging! :)

Mark & Shauna Bevans said...

OH MY GOSH!! You actually listened to me... I'm going to add this to the list of times this has happened. Oh wait, that's never. So I'm going to START a list... marking this triumph as #1. Hopefully there will be many to follow! YEAH!!! I am so excited you have started one... and have an actual post to read:)! LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Allison! Yes, it's S-S-Summertime... And YAY I have yet another blog to stalk while I'm at work. Yay yay yay. Now you must constantly post and make it funny and exciting. Or ELSE.

But no pressure.


the coolest redheaded little sister of Karlie that you know.

p.s. hey i have a blog and no husband or children, so we can be in that club together. :)

Karlie said...

Hurray! Finally a blog! I am so excited to see your weekly updates! =) Good for you for making the commitment and starting a blog. Just have fun with it, Im pumped for you....and good for Shauna for pushing you over the edge and making you start one! =)

Charlotta-love said...

And it begins...

ps. Do you know about Google Reader? It alerts you to when a blog is updated. You don't even have to check the does it for you. Google Reader is my new best friend. After wikipedia that is.

Anonymous said...

umm now it is time for a new post, allison. but no pressure.