September 22, 2010

Three Simple Questions

This is more for my entertainment than anything else.  I'd figure I would see how well my blog reader friends know me.  Here are three simple questions:

What is my favorite color?

What is my favorite animal?

What is my favorite number? 

Simple enough, right?

Comment with your answers....try not to read anyone else's answers...


Mandi said...

well i just don't have the foggiest...but i'll give it a go.

color: blue (your background and font color.

animal: dog (because its mine)

number: seven (also cause its mine =)

there you go!

Traci said...

Color: Blue

Animal: Sales Rep

Number: Zero (as in anything free)

I know I nailed these! :p

The Stells! said...

ANIMIAL:DOG (who likes cats?!)
NUMBER: ummmmmm 3 its mine :)

Charlotta-love said...

Color: Jodi's album cover
Animal: Jodi's pet
Number: Jodi's age

Callie said...

Color: What color is your Boston sweatshirt? That's the one.
Animal: Probably dogs. They're even better than horses because they can catch things in their mouths. My parents got a new dog and it can almost catch frisbees.
Number:Anything with a number of sharp edges. nines and sixes are just too hard to write sometimes.



Laura and Jared said...

There is no way I'd know these things . . . but I am going to guess green, cat (I am feeling good about that one) and 4. The end.

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