October 21, 2010


 So I went to Idaho with these lovely ladies
 To see this fabulous couple get married.
 In this beautiful temple.
And realized why I didn't go to BYUI...  :)


Charlotta-love said...

They can't wear shorts?!?! Oh my goodness.

The Stells! said...

yeah, i am SO happy I did not go there...I mean no shorts who the heck wants to do that!

Anonymous said...

don't get me started.

Mark and Shauna said...

WOW. That's all I have to say.

karlie said...

yeah um, no comment really. I haven't worn any kind of pants since january. (wow that sounds bad...ive worn only shorts since january...thats better)i cant imagine!

Darren Cochran said...

Great photos & a nice blog!

savita said...

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