June 23, 2010

Camp Counselor

Time for another blast from the past post....

Every year my old elementary school takes the 6th graders for a week long camp out trip.  When I went, I LOVED it.  I had so much fun that I vowed I would come back and be a camp counselor as soon as I was old enough.

Apparently 9th grade was old enough, so I went that year as a camp counselor to the kids that were in third grade when I was in 6th grade.  I knew a lot of the kids from that as well as a number of them were younger siblings of some of my friends.

I spent a week with these kids and we had a blast!  Wilson School did 6th grade camp the old school way...tents, making your own food, and the counselors were the ones to teach the kids, take them on their hikes, discipline them, everything!  It was so much fun becoming friends with each of them and watching them with their little crushes and 6th grade drama.  

After this first year of doing 6th grade camp with Wilson, the school decided to do camping a different way by taking the kids to some posh camp and didn't need outside counselors.  Lame.  So instead of Wilson, I would go be a counselor with McKinley school.  They had cabins and people there to teach the kids, so we were basically glorified babysitters, so it just wasn't the same :( 


DJ and Candra Probert said...

I wish that you were my Camp Counselor, BPFF.

p.s. I bet all those little boy twerps had crushes on you!

kp said...

in response to your comment. Me too. Me too.