September 17, 2009


I walked into work the other day and found out that they were going to move some sales guys to be in my very empty, besides myself, area. UG. So...I gave my boss this look and told him that I was going to move to the other end of the office. Which I did. It is a very isolated one else is back here at all and I'm loving it! I'm getting so much done as well!

Above is my new desk/cubical. A few years ago I had a lot more pictures...I'm not fun anymore since I never print any of my digital pictures!

My second desk. I'm kinda a brat and take over two desks at a time. I don't use this one very much though, but it is nice to have.

The view to my left. I told you it was pretty desolate back here! When they didn't have people to go back here, it kinda turned into the junk area. I'm going to have to find sometime soon to do some organizing and cleaning. My folders and files are in random spots around here. Pretty sure that I'm going to end up taking over the whole area!

View to my right. Mmmm. I no longer have a tree blocking my view like my previous window seat.
I had a few offers to go sit by my co workers, but I like to be by myself. It helps me to get stuff done faster and more efficiently. I end up going over and hanging out with them a lot anyway. Although, I do think I have confused a few of my coworkers with my desire to always have my desk away from everyone else! I guess it is just part of my controlfreakishness. :)


haleyhorrocks said...

That's my kind of office area. I hate working with my dress shoes on, so I usually take them off and put really nice, thick, warm socks on instead. You can do that, too, and not be embarassed, like I usually was, because of the crowded work environment I was in!

DJ and Candra Probert said...

If I was still there, you would have taken me to your secret, quiet corner with you, right? BPFF? Right?

Remember when our office was upstairs in the mini room and we sat side by side and would always catch ourselves starring at each other's computers. That was awesome...

Yes, you really need to organize that area. Good luck. And I hope the sales guys don't do that weird wandering thing...where they use an ear piece and roam around the office while they are talking to clients. Annoooooooying.

Rach said...

Hey, since you like being away 'bout moving all the way over here..its pretty desolate these days. We could use a smiley face like yours!