September 17, 2009


Well, nothing horribly entertaining with a funny story has been happening in my life lately, but I figure that I have neglected my blog long enough. So here are a few pictures showing a few things of what I've been up to lately!

On Labor Day, we went out in search of real ghost towns, which was a blast! We found one, but couldn't find the real one we were looking for. Oh well. We went driving around to get lost and found that people out in the middle of no where really don't like people to cross onto their land...there were no trespassing signs EVERYWHERE. Including this gem of a sign....

My old bishop and his wife were kind enough to invite a few of us over to have dinner at their place! It was a lot of fun and nice to get updated on everyone's lives!

We had a fanstastic ward FHE where people were attacking each other with mashmellows. I gave up on using the pipes and ended up just throwing it at people...Cindy was a good shot and got me in the head a few times!

The ward camp out was pretty entertaining...this is my favorite shot...I love Giulianna's face!

So, we were SO excited to go see Post Grad. Even thought that other people would be excited to go, but come to find out, we basically had the theater to ourselves...and the movie was weird. Don't pay full price. If you have to see it, go to the dollar theater. Too bad, I was thinking it was going to be so cute. It wasn't. If you took the family out of the picture, it could have been a cuty story.

Jessica and her husband adopted two kittens! Jasper and Phoenix...they are adorable! I miss furry little animals!

We also celebrated Jessica's birthday (and my half birthday!) It was so nice just to hang out and enjoy each other's company!
Well, those are the pictures I have to share. Other things that I'm doing probably aren't that entertaining without pictures!

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I love your pictures. They are really nice...