September 16, 2009

7 Years....

So, on September 20th it will be my 7 year Anniversary at Prosper. Only Devin beats me by a couple months for the longest running admin. Once again, I must name the perks of working at Prosper for so long:

I got a See's candy gift bag today along with the above certificate

2 Prosper t-shirts

1 Prosper Hoodie

1 Prosper pullover

1 Prosper blanket

1 PMG polo

1 Trump University pull over

1 Prosper polo

countless Prosper pens

1 Prosper christmas tree ordament

1 prosper key chain

1 prosper leather paper pad holder

1 Prosper name plaque

144 paid time off hours each year


Charlotta-love said...

Do they still do the 'can do' award? If so, you get a CAN DO for making it to 7 years!

karlie and brett said...

so...are you prospering at Prosper? Just wondering...

Tiffany Rumsey said...

The last item is by far the best!! I love vacation...