June 16, 2009

SoCal Part one: FISHERS

I love going to visit my sister Lisa and her family. We always have a blast together. Such a wonderful vacation and I am NOT happy to be back to the real world!

I love these two kids! They are so fun to talk to! I get to put them to bed while I'm there...I don't do a very good job...obviously!

Lisa and I spent a bit of time putting knobs and pulls on their cabinets upstairs and downstairs. It is a good thing that dad taught us how to do this kind of stuff or else we probably wouldn't have done it right! My job was to measure and Lisa drilled, we made a great team!

We had a blast at Magic Mountain. Anyone who knows me knows how giddy I get about going there! Kyra is just fearless and will go on anything! Austin still has a couple inches to grow, but as soon as he gets a little taller, we can get him on some more of the rides!

My only shot of the pool...mostly because Lisa and I didn't get ready every day and just looked like trash, but enjoyed playing in the pool all the time!


Tiffany Rumsey said...

Take me next time!!!

karlie and brett said...

i cant wait till august to go see those kids!