February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nauna!

So, today was Shauna's birthday. SHE IS SOOOOO OLD!!!!!! I can't even believe it!

Shauna and I met in the dorms. We were next door neighbors. When we found out that we were both from California, we started a tradition of me playing California Love really loud on my computer so that she could hear it next door!
Out of all my roommates, Shauna and I have lived together the longest. She is AMAZING to put up with me! AND we've only had one real fight...needless to say, it was my fault!
Shauna has always been such a wonderful friend and sister to me. She has never failed to make me feel better about myself and would even sing to me in the mornings.

Even though she left me to marry Mark, I'm so glad that they have moved back to Utah. I love that she isn't very far away. Happy Birthday, Shauna! I love you!

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