February 27, 2009

Some Things I Just Can't Pull Off

I was in a training today about time management. We were asked to list off tasks that we need to do during the day. Someone said shower. I woke up late today and didn't shower. I felt their eyes look upon my unshowered person. Did they know? Could they smell me?

Probably not.

There are a lot of things that I can't pull off...such as wearing trendy clothing, ruffles, curls etc, but I for sure cannot go a full day without showing without looking gross, wilted, and greasy. My makeup tends to sluff off my face within 13 minutes and my hair starts clumping together.

This isn't something new. I remember when I was little, if my mom didn't bath me for a day, my sisters would make fun of me by saying that they could fry an egg on my head. Ew.

I have had friends and roommates who can go days without showering. They wake up, roll out of bed and still somehow resemble a beautiful Disney Princess. What the heck?

I guess this is just something I'll have to live with forever. I'm hoping that I learned something from this time management training today, though.

Like how to schedule "shower" into my Microsoft Outlook...

Complete with a pop up reminder.


Laura and Jared said...

I HAD to shower every single day--I was SO greasy by the next afternoon. Then I had a baby, and didn't always get to. Now I have trained my hair and my body to go every OTHER day, and my skin is actually better than ever. I remember a couple differt Utah girls telling me you have to train your hair to go without being washed. Maybe they know because they all had such big families, so they didn't always get a bath growing up. Who knows?

Carrie said...

i second laura's comment - being a mom sometimes takes priority over personal hygiene... unfortunately. and when i do roll out of bed without showering, i just don't really care whether i look like a "disney princess" or not! and al - i must say that one thing you most certainly CAN pull off is a head-to-toe ensemble of a banana yellow sweatsuit. red socks. AND granny slippers. INCREDIBLE. you should rock that look more often. hahahaha i love you!

kp said...

can this be my favorite post yet?! I'm like you, and jealous of the rest of the world who can go without showering.

Charlotta-love said...

Put your alarm clock in the shower. Leave the water running all night. (This is not a water friendly idea). When your alarm sounds in the morning, you have to jump in the shower to turn it off. This prevents snoozes and ensures you get a daily shower.

I can solve all your problems.

Cristi said...

You are so funny! As a mom, instead of training my hair to shower every other day, i've trained my children to allow me to shower and wash my hair every day. :)