March 10, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Last Saturday night I went to the Draper Temple Open House with my ward. There was a lot of ward bonding time going on, seeing as though we were all crammed into one tiny little room waiting for our turn to get on the bus to go up to the temple.

The temple was GORGEOUS! The funniest part was being in the Celestial room and looking at the faces of the people just coming in. They were all looking up with their mouths open! It was pretty entertaining, but very excusable when you see how beautiful the chandelier is!

Below is a picture of some of us waiting to get on the bus. We aren't posing. That is how close we were crammed into that room!

At one point, we were all getting rather fidgety, so I pulled out my secret weapon...three micro machines! We had a blast racing them around. I'm sure some people thought we were weird, but I think they were really just jealous!


Anonymous said...

Micro machines!?!--you are my hero. I would go to a temple open house anytime.--hope all is well -Katie (you probably don't know who 'k' is yet)

Anonymous said...

I'm mean I would go to a temple open house WITH YOU anytime (not the brightest star am I?)-k

Charlotta-love said...

man. I miss you. You always made things entertaining.

Cristi said...

Yes, just jealous. :)