December 6, 2012

Temple Trip

 We were finally able to get Kyra her recommend to go inside the temple to do baptisms for the dead!  We went to the temple the next Saturday with her cousin and grandma.  We did some family names.  I even did them as was weird doing that again since I haven't done it in a while.  We were at the Oakland temple, which is where I grew up doing temple trips.  The baptistry has changed so much...apparently they had just remodeled it.  We went on a really busy day because they had youth conferences there, but it was a great experience.  Kyra got to go again the next week with her young women group...I was told that she looked like a pro!


Natalie Smith said...

It's great you got to be there!

karlie said...

How is it that my little Kyra is now going to the temple???? That is just craziness. What a wonderful day. An so cool you got to be there with her.

sumteix said...

that is crazy, i remember pics of that girl when she was just a babe in karlie's arms! good for her.